Our Services

Kennedy Wealth Management strives to offer services that exceed expectations. We recognize that client needs are diverse and that a one-size-fits-all approach is not in their best interest – some want quick answers to pressing questions, while others want to build a collaborative long-term relationship. We believe the best way to deliver on this goal is to offer services that are consistent with the CFP Board of Standards, Inc. financial planning process. Our services begin with a Financial Assessment and may lead to Financial Planning or Wealth Management; you decide which service is right for you.


 Financial Assessment. Successful Journeys Start with a Compass Heading

  • This is the starting point for our services…it’s how we learn about you and you learn about us.
  • You receive: a professional review of your finances as part of an interactive planning meeting where we can discuss your most pressing financial questions.
  • This may be all you need for now – providing you with a nudge in the right direction.

Once we know more about you and have a general assessment of your finances, you may realize you want more detailed answers or need more complete help. What we do next depends on your preferences and your style. The good news is that the Financial Assessment provides the context to evaluate and discuss these important next steps.


 Financial Planning. Your Pressing Questions…Our Professional Answers

  • As a do-it-yourselfer, you might need more detailed answers and want access to our expertise but aren’t ready to let someone else take the lead. This service helps you get the deeper answers you need to make better financial decisions.
  • This could take the form of goal planning during the accumulation phase of your life, or retirement planning in the years approaching the distribution phase of retirement.


If you are more of a do-it-yourself type but want deeper analysis, Financial Planning might be the best next step.

 Wealth Management. Your Life’s Work with Direction

  • You may already know that you aren’t managing your finances as well as you would like – procrastination, emotional decision-making, or lack of time and interest may be getting in your way. If this describes your situation and you are interested in increasing consistency and oversight, our Wealth Management service may be the right next step.
  • This service begins with a Financial Plan and includes Investment Management, ongoing Implementation Support, and an annual Financial Planning Update.

If you want to delegate more responsibility and have us take a more hands-on role, you might explore how Wealth Management is right for you.


 Classes at the University of Tennessee. Building an Investment Plan

  • You may be interested a cost effective way to learn how to manage your own investments or you may just want to ask some questions or confirm some beliefs about your existing investment philosophy.
  • These classes are a easy and enjoyable way for novice and intermediate investors tackle this part of their finances.

Please contact the University of Tennessee Non-Credit Personal Development programs for a list of current classes taught by Kennedy Wealth Management. Goto: www.utnoncredit.com and then click on the “Home and Finance” section.


Conclusion. Our flexible approach makes getting started both easy and low-risk. Fee-only means we work in your best interest. Professional qualifications demonstrate our commitment to financial planning excellence. Call us today to get started on your Financial Assessment!