Our Services

 Financial Assessment. Successful Journeys Start with a Compass Heading

The Financial Assessment is an hour-long introduction to our Wealth Management service and a working meeting which includes an initial assessment of the various elements of your financial situation. We consider it to be an excellent starting point due to its role in facilitating a high quality discussion that is specifically grounded in your unique circumstances. Since there is no obligation to continue beyond the initial Financial Assessment, it is a stress-free way to get to know us and see if we might be a good match for your ongoing financial planning and investment needs. The Financial Assessment is $250.

 Wealth Management. Your Life’s Work with Direction

Wealth Management is our primary service and centers on providing expert investment management and advice in conjunction with customized client-specific financial planning. More than just fancy industry jargon, Wealth Management is where the best of objective Fee-Only investment advising and financial planning meet. As independent consultants and fiduciaries rather than salespeople, we are true partners in support of your vision. The ultimate value of Wealth Management is that it provides an objective and committed approach to your personal finances.

 Classes at the University of Tennessee. Building an Investment Plan

Please contact the University of Tennessee Non-Credit Personal Development programs for a list of current classes taught by Kennedy Wealth Management. Goto: http://noncredit.utk.edu/personal/ and then click on the “Home and Finance” section.