Our Services

 Wealth Management. Your Life’s Work with Direction

More than just fancy industry jargon, Wealth Management is where the best of objective Fee-Only investment advising and ongoing financial planning meet. As independent consultants and fiduciaries rather than salespeople, we are true partners in support of your vision. The ultimate value of Wealth Management is the financial efficiency provided by an objective, committed, and ongoing approach to your personal finances. Wealth Management, includes:

* Creation of a detailed initial financial plan that is highly personalized and forms the backbone of all ongoing planning

* Creation of an individualized Investment Policy Statement (IPS) to guide ongoing investment management decisions

* Quarterly reviews and as-needed financial planning updates as circumstances evolve, and with an emphasis on tax planning efficiency and strategies such as
asset location and tax-loss harvesting

* Quarterly investment reports and market commentary along with as-needed rebalancing of investment accounts due to changing market conditions

* Investments are held at an independent third-party custodian such as TD Ameritrade or TIAA-CREF, who provide client account statements and online access

* Investments consist primarily of index funds, ETF’s, and other low cost mutual funds from such companies as Dimensional Fund Advisors, Vanguard, and TIAA-CREF

We generally consider our Wealth Management service to be a best fit for medical professionals, business owners, and business executives with household annual earned income of $200,000 or more, and retired households with investment portfolios of $1,000,000 or greater. Prospective Wealth Management clients are offered a Financial Assessment which includes: an hour-long data gathering and review meeting, creation of a FA Report, and an hour-long report delivery and review meeting. Since there is no obligation to continue beyond the Financial Assessment, we consider it to be a stress-free way to get to know us, discuss our services, and determine if we are a good match for your specific needs. The Financial Assessment is a one-time fee of $500.

 Retirement Plan Advisory Service. Getting it Right for Owners and Employees

The Retirement Plan Advisory Service provides business owners with professional assistance in establishing and maintaining a retirement plan that is consistent with their fiduciary responsibilities and that seeks the highest quality combination of service providers and investment alternatives for their employees. Our services typically consist of an ongoing combination of both investment advisory services and non-investment consulting services. Our perspective as an independent Fee-Only fiduciary is invaluable in helping a Plan Sponsor implement a retirement plan solution that is focused on the needs of their employees, rather than the agenda of any particular service provider or vendor. Seek to avoid possible performance drag and fiduciary liability from high expense investments by building a retirement plan consistent with the principles of low cost investing. As part of the Retirement Plan Advisory Service we offer an initial consultation for $250.